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When we do our free initial visits to estates, we often hear about what other liquidators are charging for their liquidation services.

And we almost always end up shaking our heads in disbelief.

Minimum commission amounts. High percentage fees. High advertising rates. Upfront fees. Exorbitant clean-out fees.

And clean-out companies can be even worse!

But Settle Your Estates of Cleveland Estate Sales is different. How different? Take a look at the following chart.

For a typical estate where the gross proceeds from the sale are about $6000 (which is typical for a good-sized estate), other liquidators can end up costing you almost $5400! Which leaves you with a total of $600 in your pocket.

If you use a clean-out company, they could end up costing you upwards of $2000.

But with Settle Your Estates of Cleveland Estate Sales, there is no upfront fee, no minimum commission, no additional charges for labor or advertising, and even our post-sale clean-out rates are low! You can get up to 6 times more money in your pocket than with other liquidators! And that's money you often need to pay back taxes on the home, or to do home repairs.

So take a look at other liquidators and compare rates and fees. In the end, there is no comparison: Settle Your Estates of Cleveland is your best option!

Compare our rates !
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